Want to do a PhD in Game Analytics?

Game Analytics as a professional discipline is focused on collecting and analyzing data towards enabling us to make decisions based on data in game development. The goal is to support us in making decisions about the production of games, the design of games, how to best serve our players, improve the user experience, decide between…


Playing with Friends in Destiny

Social connections are important to the experience of many online games, and this is also the case in Destiny. We wanted to understand the value of social relationships in Destiny specifically to competitive play, and towards this analyzed close to one million Crucible matches across 3.5 million players. We found that strong social relationships are…


Guns and Guardians: Playstyles in Destiny

Given a huge and varied game like Destiny, it is of interest to see if there are any patterns in how people play the game. There can be a variety of reasons for this – for developers the focus can be on monitoring the players and checking no group emerges that has issues progressing, gaining…


Game Analytics Workshop: Call For Contributions

GAME ANALYTICS WORKSHOP: CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS The first Game Analytics Workshop will be held in conjunction with AIIDE 2016 in San Francisco, California, October 8th. Workshop website: The analysis of player behavior is an old stable in the design, development and research of games and the people who play them, but in recent years the…


Reviews, scores, sales and playtime – a Steam perspective

As part of an on-going project on exploring player behavior via the Steam platform (see e.g. here and here) we decided to run a quick correlation analysis across games on Steam, focusing on sales (game ownership) and a two different aggregate review/ranking scores. In addition, we wanted to explore if review scores correlated with the actual amount of time people spend playing games on Steam.