Analytics Sites

On this page we are building a list of websites that focus on or has strong content on game analytics. The list will update on a regular basis.

Ben Medler’s Blog 

Ben Medler is a former academic who has done a lot of work with the industry, e.g. EA, focusing on how to visualize behavioral data from games, and was recently lured from the cozy halls of Georgia Tech to the industry. His blog has a number of good posts on visualization of telemetry data, and a link to his PhD-thesis, “play with data”, which is a good introduction to data analytics and –visualization in game development. He has also contributed an excellent chapter about data visualization to the book on Game Analytics.

Eric Seufert’s blog

Eric Seufert is an expert in mobile game analytics, freemium economics, virtual economies, game monetization, Mobile User Acquisition, and Analytics. He has a lot of industry experience, and on his blog – which is updated weekly – writes insightful articles about the world of mobile and analytics. Several of his best pieces are listed in the knowledge repository on this site.

Heather Stark’s blog – TBC

Joseph Kim’s blog  – TBC


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