Examples of media coverage:

VentureBeat [research coverage]. Reported in multiple tech services, views >3m. URL:; [research coverage]. URL:

Der Spiegel Online [research coverage]. URL:

Launch of the Weavr project [project announcement]. URL e.g.: or:; >2.6m views on social media, 30+ media outlets.

Launch of worlds-first esports collaboration across ESL and University of York [announcement]. URL e.g. or:; >66k views, 10+ media outlets

Innovation Enterprise Channels: Gaming Analytics top 30 Most Influential Figures. James Ovenden, May 2018 [research coverage]. URL:

VentureBeat: AI is esports newest weapon. Olcay Yilmazcoban, December 2018 [research coverage]. URL:

Medium: Machine Learning for Player Analytics in Tomb Raider: Underworld. Tommy Thompson, August 2018 [research coverage]. URL:

Esports Insider: University of York, ESL to introduce esports content production module, Adam Fitch, May 2018 [research coverage]. URL:; >248k views.

Digital Creativity Labs: Esports Celebrity Q&A – Careers, Education, and Innovation in Esports, February 2018. [panel]. URL:, see also URL: [the panel was recorded in connection with the Well Played esports theme show, e.g. URL:]

Massive Breakdown, a Destiny Podcast: Special report: skill acquisition in Destiny (ft. Tom Stafford). [research coverage]. URL:

University of York: Multiplayer video games: Researchers discover link between skill and intelligence [Was reported in 100+ global print and online media including the New York Post, the Mirror, the Independent, the Evening Telegraph, and the UK Google and Yahoo news streams. Major tech sites such as Techradar, Engadget. Article accessed 65k on PLOS One’s website], [research coverage] URL:; >5m views, >16k social shares. Example links:,,

University of York: The way we play computer games is do predictable [research coverage]. URL:

Innovation Enterprise Channels: Interview: Dr Anders Drachen, University of York, February 2018 [interview]. URL:

Games User Research Summit: Speaker Spotlight: Anders Drachen, University of York, November 2017 [interview]. URL:

Danish Broadcasting Corporation: Pokemon Go, Pengemagasinet (television show), September 2016 [interview].

Danish Broadcasting Corporation: Game Analytics, Harddisken (radio show), February 2016 & April 2016 [research coverage] The Future of Data Analysis, Ian Dransfield, March 2016 [interview]. URL:

Techradar, This computer model can predict who will win a game of Dota 2, Duncan Geere, March 2016 [research coverage]. URL:

Engagdet, Researchers create a system to predict “Dota” match winners, Nick Summers, March 2016 [research coverage]. URL:

ScienceDaily, New analytics model for e-sports predicts who is whinning, and why, March 2016 [research coverage]. URL: [note: this story was covered on numerous newssites]

ScienceCodex, new analytical model for e-sports predicts who is winning and why, March 2016 [research coverage]. URL:

Version 2, Danish algorithm predicts the winners in online computer games during matches, March 2016 [research coverage]. URL:

Ingeniøren: Digital game developers: Denmark is missing out on jobs because we lack capital. Ingeniøren. 25th September 2015.

CNBC: Nintendo´s Super Mario is karting towards your smartphone. 17th March 2015, by Alexandra Gibbs, NBC Universal/CNBC. URL:

The Data Sceptic Podcast. Game Analytics. URL: What´s in a username? The power of gamertags form a massive part of our online identities, but they might also change the way we play”. 2nd April 2014, by Philippa War [research coverage]. URL:

Kotaku: The Most Popular Names in World of Warcraft Are … Pretty Lame. 11th September 2013. URL: [research coverage] [reported and commented on across numerous websites, including The Escapist. Associated Expert Blog post was featured on the front page of on September 13th, 2013].

Wired: BitTorrent study challenges videogame piracy misconceptions, 15th May  2013. URL: [research coverage] [reported globally online, linked and commented on across numerous newssites, e.g. Kotaku, RedOrbit, PCgamer, ScienceDaily, TechDirt, P2Pon, GameRanx and].

Interscience Publishers: Inderscience Media Release on Game Torrents, May 2013, by David Bradley, Inderscience Publishers [research coverage]

Galileu: A Ciencia Contra Games Chatos, October 2012, Galileu, by Tiago Mali (editor) [company coverage]. URL:

Insights@CBS: New figures on illegal file sharing of computer games, Insights@CBS, November 2012, by Claus Rosenkrantz Hansen [research coverage]. URL:

Gamasutra: New research brings much needed objectivity to game piracy numbers, November 2011, Gamasutra, by Zachary Knight [research coverage]. URL:

GRAND Network: ICEC 2011 Q&A session, November 2012. URLs:

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Danish Broadcasting Corporation: Game piracy, Harddisken (radio show), Fall 2011. [research coverage]

TorrentFreak: Game piracy linked to critic´s review scores, August 2011 [research coverage], URL:

Slashdot: Study links game piracy to critic´s review scores, Slashdot, August 2011 [research coverage], URL: [note: this article was linked across over thousands of newssites]

TechCrunch: Game Analytics – the name says it all, TechCrunch, June 2011 [company coverage], URL:

New Scientist: Online games are a gold mine for design ideas”, August 2010 [background].

Danish Broadcasting Corporation: Player types in Tomb Raider: Underworld.”, Harddisken (radio show), Fall 2010. [research coverage]

Slashdot:“Classifying players for unique game experience”, August 2009 [background], URL:

New Scientist:Adaptive games promise high scores for everyone”, October 2009 [background]


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