Analytics and Messaging Products in German Mobile Games

Via In our most recent market study, our objective was to learn which types of marketing services, and how many different ones, are used within games in the context of smartphone apps. Nowadays, developers have the option to implement a bulk of services, starting from simple analytics tools right up to fancy marketing automation tools. Read…

Player Profiling: GUR Summit 2015

Introduction and Scope This document contains a brief reading list accompanying the GUR SIG Summit 2015 presentation “user profiling”. There is a wealth of literature on profiling, machine learning, data mining and cluster analysis in particular, but only a limited amount of research on the application of these domains to games specifically. This is rapidly…

Reviews, scores, sales and playtime – a Steam perspective

As part of an on-going project on exploring player behavior via the Steam platform (see e.g. here and here) we decided to run a quick correlation analysis across games on Steam, focusing on sales (game ownership) and a two different aggregate review/ranking scores. In addition, we wanted to explore if review scores correlated with the actual amount of time people spend playing games on Steam.

Nordic Game Jam 2015 announced!

It is with substantial pride and joy that we at Aalborg University once again host the Nordic Game Jam, the biggest game jam in the world, which will run from February 6th-8th 2015. This is the place to be if you love to make games. Go sign up. See you in February.