Examples of media coverage: The Future of Data Analysis

Techradar: This computer model can predict who will win a game of Dota 2

Engagdet: Researchers create a system to predict “Dota” match winners

CNBC: Nintendo´s Super Mario is karting towards your smartphone

The Data Sceptic Podcast: Game Analytics What´s in a username? The power of gamertags. Handles form a massive part of our online identities, but they might also change the way we play

Kotaku: The Most Popular Names in World of Warcraft Are … Pretty Lame.

Wired: BitTorrent study challenges videogame piracy misconceptions,

Gamasutra: New research brings much needed objectivity to game piracy numbers

New Scientist: Online games are a gold mine for design ideas (New Scientist)

Forbes: Finally, Some Objective Figures On Games Piracy (Forbes)

SlashDot: Classifying Players for Unique Game Experiences (SlashDot)

PC Gamer: BitTorrent study suggests game piracy not as rampant as some have claimed

GameSpot: Videogame piracy study finds number of downloaders substantially smaller than reported 


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