E-Mail Policy and Contact FAQ

  • is a personal policy that all email responses regardless of recipient or subject should be five sentences or less (only in rare cases do I write more).
  • If your email has more than 300 words in it, I have likely only read your first paragraph.
  • If you did not hear back from me, consider the advice in this email charter. It’s not personal, just information overload.
  • I am struggling with work-life balance, maybe you are, too. Read about these horror stories.It means I have to be careful with managing information flow.
  • If your question is really urgent and you need an answer asap, you can call me at (and leave a voice message if I am not answering): +45 29390604
  • I am checking email at my account twice a day, morning and evening. I only checky my once per day or every few days (because an internal policy does not allow email forwarding). You have a much better chance to reach me in time at my Gmail account (all my other accounts forward there), so please update your electronic address book accordingly.
  • My preferred method of contact is email, but you can also use Twitter (@andersdrachen). I cannot respond to all questions, but I try to answer them when and if possible.

This policy heavily inspired by my good colleage Dr. Lennart Nacke.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Answers

When is it best to schedule a meeting with you during the week?

Monday and Thursday from 10-14 GMT+1 is my preferred time. Please always schedule the meeting via email.

Where can I find more information about your work?

Right on this page. Look under “publication” or “reports”. I am trying to keep these updated and hope that you will find some useful information there. Here are some recent news articles from the press about my work:

What´s in a username? The power of gamertags. Handles form a massive part of our online identities, but they might also change the way we play
The Most Popular Names in World of Warcraft Are … Pretty Lame.
BitTorrent study challenges videogame piracy misconceptions,
New figures on illegal file sharing of computer games,
New research brings much needed objectivity to game piracy numbers,

I need to send you snail mail: What is your postal address?


Dr. Anders Drachen

Aalborg University

Department of Communication

A. C. Meyers Vænge 15

2450 Copenhagen S



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