Game Analytics Events

In the past few years there have been a number of events that have targeted Game Analytics specifically as a professional domain, including conferences in San Francisco and London, e.g. the Game Analytics Forum (GABI). London has also been the host of a series of events courtesy of local companies. On the academic front we are publishing more and more research on analytics and games, and seeing an immense diversification in the field. Now there is a new event coming up, also in London: the Gaming Analytics Summit, hosted by the Innovation Enterprise. There are other areas around the world where meetups happen, see e.g. here. I like how these events signal a maturing of game analytics as a professional domain (albeit an incredibly inter-disciplinary one) and an increase in communication between practitioners, which we struggled with a decade ago back in the Wild West days. I will be giving a presentation at the Gaming Analytics Summit on user profiling in games using behavioral telemetry and whatever other sources of data you have available, covering the basics and practicals, and going into as much detail with clustering methods as I have time for. If you are around London in the beginning of March, join the fun.


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