Game User Experience Evaluation – New Book

I have a chapter on the intersection between Game User Research and Game Analytics, focusing on game telemetry evaluation, in the new book Game User Experience Evaluation edited by Regina Bernhaupt.The chapter is a broad look at the role of analytics in Game User Research, forming an introduction to the topic. Perhaps more interesting, smarter people than me have written some cool chapters on GUR, including Graham McAllister, Lennart Nacke, Heather Desurvire and Katherine Isbister, to mention a few.

Here is some text from the book´s blurb: “Evaluating interactive systems for their user experience (UX) is a standard approach in industry and research today. This book explores the areas of game design and development and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) as ways to understand the various contributing aspects of the overall gaming experience. Fully updated, extended and revised this book is based upon the original publication Evaluating User Experience in Games, and provides updated methods and approaches ranging from user- orientated methods to game specific approaches. New and emerging methods and areas explored include physiologically- orientated UX evaluation, user behaviour, telemetry based methods and social play as effective evaluation techniques for gaming design and evolving user-experience. Game User Experience Evaluation allows researchers, PhD students as well as game designers and developers to get an overview on available methods for all stages of the development life cycle.”


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