2nd Copenhagen Co-Creation Conference

I am happy to be one of the organizers of this event – co-creation is an innovative way to combine resources across different knowledge platforms and geographical regions, and it provides completely new ways for companies and users to interact.

In more detail, co-creation is the process of visualizing, designing, combining and developing an artifact or systems that support the commercialization of that artifact. The focus of co-creation is to seek and design new and future markets. The process of co-creation is as much a process of coordination as it is of knowledge generation, construction and instruction. Co-creation implies the coming together of diverse, non-similar knowledge bases to collectively identify an opportunity and pool their knowledge and resources together to take advantage of the opportunity.

The 2nd Copenhagen Co-Creation Conference will gather stakeholders from the academia, the industry and the civil society to create an environment of proactive dialogue about co-creation. The goal of the conference is to explore how markets can be identified, formed and explored via co-creation processes, and how markets redefine themselves and evolve by engaging with co-creation; and how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can assist the process of co-creation over time and space.

For more info visit the conference website.


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