Game metrics and user telemetry

In order to compete in the current international market, the game industry is realizing that methods for enhancing game design are a must. Therefore, user-oriented testing and research are gaining importance, becoming a core component of digital game production. This notably in terms of using game metrics to measure and evaluate player behavior. Game metrics are a form of telemetry. They provide hard, detailed and objective numbers on key aspects of game development, from the actual development cycle, the technical aspects and technical testing, to the user-oriented testing and -service evaluation. Crucially, game metrics can be collected remotely – directly from the platforms of the players or playtesters. This permits the collection of data in the wild as well as from the lab. Game metrics includes data about users. User research is rapidly becoming an integral part of game development, and game metrics the favorite means of providing information about players and their behavior, informing and guiding game design and -development.

If you want to know more, check out this brief White Paper on game metrics over at the AGORA Informatics website.


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